What we’ve learned in our first year.

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As you may know, we at Motus just celebrated one year since our doors opened. We’ve all been physios for quite a while, but as all small business owners know, the learning curve in the first year is steep. So, in the interest of helping out all our friends who might be in a similar position, we want to share a few of the most important things we’ve learned in the past year.

• Three owners>one owner.
• Mints>chocolates.
• The amount of traffic through a dollar store in a day is incredible.
• Just like pretty much everything in life, you learn more from the things you did wrong than the things you did right.
• Orchids are really hard to keep alive. Snake plants are more our speed.
• Social Media is not as ‘free’ as people think.
• The doctors of the Westshore are great to work with.
• The bones of any company are its people – when you have excellent staff, your company will thrive.
• Our wives are even more patient than we thought they were.
• For every problem, there’s a solution.
• Timelines for different projects rarely align.
• We are not webmasters.
• It’s better to farm specialized work out to the people who can do it well, rather than spend hours doing a less effective job. Case in point:
• We are not webmasters.
• If you’re building a business, make sure it’s close to Costco. (And Bin 4, and Three Gringos, and Poncho’s Coffee House, and Frontrunners…)
• Lawyers are expensive. And absolutely critical.
• Prepare for the worst, expect the best (see previous point).
• There are lots of ways to measure success.

We’re proud to have integrated into the community on the Westshore as well as we have in the first year, and we look forward to making more connections in years to come. We will strive to continue as leaders in health care, and to provide first-class treatment to all our patients. More than anything, we’re thankful to each and every person who has helped to make our clinic a success. Here’s to many more years of moving better!

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