Why Motus?

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mōtus m (genitive mōtūs); fourth declension
A movement, motion. (by extension)
An advance, progress.

When Wes, Jordan, and Trevor came together over a burger and a beer at Bin 4 in Victoria in early 2016, the discussion centred around one question: What kind of clinic do we want to build? That question didn’t refer to the size of the space, or even the location – It was more to do with the kind of culture we wanted to create. What kind of health care clinic would we be proud of? What kind of relationship do we want to have with our staff, colleagues, and patients? What kind of legacy do we want to build? Do all three of us share that same vision?

Fast forward to 2017, and that clinic is a reality. The three partners are fortunate to have worked with a lot of great therapists throughout their careers, at many great clinics. They have been able to combine the most positive attributes of each of those clinics, and the result is Motus Physiotherapy.

The word Motus translates roughly from Latin to movement, or motion. A common belief of Wes, Jordan, and Trevor is that movement is the key to health – and therefore understanding and refining movement is critical to our approach.
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