10 Things To Expect at The TC10K

Start of TC 10 K race

It’s that time of year again in Victoria – days are getting longer, cherry blossoms are everywhere, the lawn needs weekly mowing, and the TC10k is almost here. This Sunday, nearly 10,000 runners and walkers will fill the streets of downtown Victoria for one of the biggest 10k events in the province. Some will have done the race every year since its inception in 1989, but plenty of newbies will be showing up for their first ever TC10k. Whether this is your first, or 28th time, here are some of the things you can expect to see at this year’s race.

  1. Somebody will forget something important at home. Pack your bag the night before, and don’t open it until you need it.
  2. There will be lots of details to take care of on race morning. If the race is important for you, think those things through prior to the day. Where will you park? What time do you want to start your warm up? What will you eat that morning? What will you wear? Where are the toilets (with the shortest lines)?
  3. You will pick the longest port-a-potty line. Toilet lines at races are as certain as death and taxes, but Murphy’s Law says that yours will move the slowest – at least if you’re like us.
  4. It’ll be close quarters waiting for the race to start. Take the opportunity to make some new friends.
  5. You will need less clothing during the race than before it. You can use the gear check, but another option is to warm up & wait for the race to start in something that you’re willing to donate – any clothing found on the course after the race will be given to local charities.
  6. The people who even split (or even negative split) will be the happiest with their races. An even split means to run the first and second half in the same time – a negative split is to run the second half faster. Generally, one of those strategies will translate into your best time, and the feeling that you finished strong.
  7. There will be a headwind in the second half, along Dallas Rd. Tuck in behind somebody big.
  8. Someone will finish ahead of you. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of running with thousands of people, but try to run your own race. Attempting to pace off another person, especially a stranger, leads to catastrophe much more often than it does to success.
  9. You will be inspired. Without a doubt, you will see someone at this race who you wouldn’t expect to be participating in a 10k. Use that as motivation for rough training days throughout the year.
  10. You’ll have a blast. There are reasons so many people participate in this event – It’s fun. And inspiring. And satisfying. And hopefully, addictive. So we’ll see you there this year, but more importantly, we hope to see you there every year. Have a great race!

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